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suji ka halwa (semolina pudding) -

suji ka halwa  (semolina pudding) -                                                                                                                     
   It is a delicious sweet , which is very easy to make. Whenever you want sweet to eat , then you can make it quickly within minutes..

  for   four   peoples
  time  -  20 minutes

  Ingredients  -
  semolina/rava  -     1cup
sugar          -    1 cup to 1.5 cup
milk          -      2 cups
 (you can use water also )
 desi ghee      -     5  tbs
cardamom     -     5  pcs  (powder)
dry nuts   ( as your choice )
cashew         -     10 pcs  ( in small pcs )
raisins          -      10 to 15 pcs ( in small pcs )
almond          -       5  pcs ( in small  pcs )
 dry coconut   -      in small pcs  ( you can use grated coconut also )

recipe   -   

  1): Heat ghee in a pan and add dry nuts in it , roast nuts until light brown , take out nuts from pan. 

2):add semolina in the same pan and stir it continuously on medium flame until it turns brown.
3): when semolina become brown then add sugar and milk and stirring , wait for first boil,after

4):first boil add dry nuts and cook it on slow flame for two minutes and stirring , after two minutes cook it on medium flame and stirring constantly , after few minutes your pudding is ready ,now turn off the gas and mix cardamom powder in it.

   Your semolina pudding is ready , garnish with  nuts you like , now serve it hot and eat..

note -                  .                                                                                                                                                                        
- if you use grated  coconut , not need to roast before.

- use finely chopped dry nuts for garnish.

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